ALL-IN-SQUARE is made up of a microarchitecture, urban furniture and external floor covering for public urban spaces and contemporary users.


Catalogue 'Microarchitecture' ALL-IN-SQUARE kiosk

Design by In-Tenta +daniela seminara


All in square kiosk

The microarchitecture can be used as a temporary shop as well as a information point. It is composed of two basic elements: a square structure and a perforated metal cover which surface can be customized with different cutting patterns and corporate logos. The metal cover can be used as a tunnel to create a sheltered outdoor space or cover totally the square structure. It depends on the dimensions of the location and use needs.

ALL-IN-SQUARE includes a hot spot to provide Internet access. This need to access to Internet everywhere, quickly and comfortably, promotes new designs for public landscape. The design incorporates technological aspects as well as ecological aspects. Thin photovoltaic solar films are located on the roof of the metal plate of the microarchitecture as well as the 'cocoon' elements to supply energy. It is fully built in a factory and then transported to the final location. It is specifically designed to be installed with a minimum impact on the environment.

ALL-IN-SQUARE, produced by URBAN SQUARE, available in its Microarchitecture Catalogue.all-in-square microarchitecture

All in square kiosk

All in square kiosk

CGI Photography by estudibasic