2017 FS


words Zoe Birdsall/ Matt Lizzimore


This is no dream

Check into the beer hotel or get lost.

If your ideal weekend away involves sitting in a hot tub full of beer or waking up on a cliff edge, the future of hotels could be right up your street. First up, meet The Drop Box portable hotel suite. Developed by Spanish design studio In-Tenta, it’s a modular wooden pod that can be put pretty much anywhere with no environmental impact- so you could soon be waking up in some of the world’s most remote locations, while still enjoying all the comforts of staying in a hotel. The pods are currently available in one, two or four-bedroom options, and even feature a panoramic shower so you can really be at one with nature.

The world’s first beer hotel meanwhile could soon be helping you escape from the stresses of life in a whole different way. After smashing their fundraising target, BrewDog are launching a hotel with beer breakfasts, hot tubs of Punk IPA, and suds on tap in every room. The £6million DogHouse will be located in Columbus Ohio- and even features an on-site craft beer brewery, so you won’t ever have to worry about getting home before passing out.

May 2017
words Zoe Birdsall/ Matt Lizzimore