Modular Hotel Suites

“Modular suites manufactured with Ubuild constructive system, a combination of design, wood, and high technology”

The Ubuild modular constructive system is based on prefabricated wooden elements manufactured with high technology, ensuring the accuracy of all pieces and the perfect connection between them. A sustainable, versatile, and efficient system designed to be assembled through simple fitting and screwing, which allows reaching the essence of construction by eliminating the superfluous.

The Sweet box suites provide quality and control of the constructive process through their solid wooden structure, modulated in a way that orders the space and offers multiple configurations of shape and size… flexible space that can be assembled, disassembled, modified, or extended according to needs.

This is a more rational, sustainable, and respectful constructive proposal aimed at the hotel industry that cares for the environment and people’s health. Healthy, comfortable and thermally efficient interiors designed in a refined way, with optimal temperature, humidity and acoustics that create unique and relaxing atmospheres.


Sweet box 3×7+P

Sweet Box 3x7+P VERSATILE MODULAR HOTEL SUITES READY TO BE MOUNTED IN SPECTACULAR SETTINGS Modular suite The Sweet Box hotel suites Collection open up a whole new world of possibilities for the hotel industry [...]


Sweet box cabins

Sweet box cabins MODULAR PREFABRICATED CABINS THAT COMBINE NATURAL MATERIALS WITH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Modular cabins The Sweet Box cabins combine natural materials with advanced technology based on Ubuild patented constructive system. These versatile cabins [...]


DROP Les Suites

"Low-impact tiny hotel suite that brings nature in" Low-impact modular suites are ideal for anyone who has an inherent yearning for nature but doesn’t want to cause a negative impact on the environment as a consequence of its stay in nature. WATCH VIDEO [...]


Drop office

DROP office ESCAPE THE CITY AND WORK REMOTELY... OR WORK COMFORTABLY IN THE BACKYARD OF YOUR HOUSE Modular home office Comfortable and fully-equipped modular home offices with the dimensions of a shipping container, [...]


DROP box N-720

DROP box N-720 ONE, TWO OR THREE MODULES... YOU CHOOSE IN FUNCTION OF SPACE NEEDED Modular suite Modular suites that are configured with shipping container-wide modules, to create [...]



TENZO A MODULAR TINY HOME TO ENJOY A FAMILY VACATION GETAWAY ON WHEELS Mobile home TENZO, in Japanese «master of ceremonies», is a modular 40-square-metre vacation home on wheels that comfortably accommodates a family [...]


Drop box 2N-350

DROP box 2N-350 HAVE A CUP OF MORNING COFFEE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOREST OR SHOWER WITH A PANORAMIC VIEW OVER A CLIFF Modular suites The DROP box 2N-350 modules are low-impact modular hotel [...]


DROP box N-240

DROP box N-240 TRANSPORTABLE SUITES THAT CAN SIMPLY BE "DROPPED" INTO ANY FEASIBLE SETTING Modular suite The 2,4-metre-wide modules are transportable suites that can simply be "dropped" into any setting with little or no [...]


DROP box N-350

DROP box N-350 BRINGING GLAMPING TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL Modular suites The DROP box N-350 is a modular suite for a comfortable fit of a couple. It holds one fair-sized [...]



DROP xl FOR CUSTOMERS THAT LIKE TRAVELING BUT DON'T WANT TO STAY IN COMMON HOTELS LOCATED IN COMMON PLACES Modular suite The aim of modular suites is to meet the growing demand for [...]


DROP eco-hotel

DROP eco-hotel A DIFFERENT HOTEL EXPERIENCE THAT BRINGS NATURE TO THE GUESTS Modular Suite The DROP eco-hotel is a modular hotel suite concept that draws inspiration from organic shapes found in nature, designed to [...]


DROP pod

DROP pod A MODULAR SUITE SUITABLE FOR BEING PLACED WHEREVER THE HEART DESIRES AND THE LAND PERMITS Modular suite DROP pod is especially suitable for anyone who has an inherent yearning for nature but doesn’t want [...]